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We are dedicated towards providing cost-effective solutions for the design, construction supervision, management and profit improvement (including turnaround) of hospitality businesses.

Everly Group specialises in managing hotels under management contracts. Our approach in management focuses on the design of the Marketing, Human Resource and Operational strategies that will bring out the best in each hotel. As part of our management responsibilities, we cover the following areas: -
  1. The maintenance of high operating standards of the hotel.
  2. Recruitment of a General Manager and close supervision of his performance.
  3. Establishment of administrative and control procedures in all departments of the hotel. To ensure that such control procedures are adhered to.
  4. Ensure that the hotel is maintained at an agreed upon standard.
  5. Recruitment, training and supervision of staff to a satisfactory standard.
In our day to day management, we are geared towards:
  1. A marketing concept that makes every customer our customer for life and detailed operating systems that minimises mistakes and increases reliability;
  2. A sales coverage that operates effectively via cross-selling, increased productivity of sales staff, representation in key market areas and focus on key sectors.
  3. Staff empowerment and practising methods that enables higher productivity to be translated into better staff benefits which boost staff morale;
  4. Staff and management development systems that actively promotes quality service, strategic planning and decision making;
  5. Achieving operational efficiencies through multitasking, inter hotel support, inter hotel audits, management training and effective management of staffing levels which translates into improved productivity and lower costs; and
  6. Information technology (through web reservation, weekly reporting, free WiFi in all our public areas and Everly Group proprietary systems that ensure jobs are completed).
Everly Group adopts a business concept that makes each managed property a repeat customer leader, a productivity/cost leader with highly motivated and trained staff and an IT leader. These competitive advantages, taken together create a profit leader in the market.

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